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CleanNow is the largest Internet portal (web site) to supply information and support queries on cleaning in Russia and ex-USSR (SNG). The portal contains information about more than 1000 cleaning companies. It provides the possibility to choice a cleaning company automatically according to given parameters. Also daily news on the subject and analysis of the cleaning services market are present. There is information on equipment and professional chemistry used and on job vacancies available. The portal has a specialized forum that makes it possible to communicate with collegues and potential customers. CleanNow offers wide spectrum of Internet information services to cleaning companies in Russia.

The daily portal visitors number counts more than 1400 different names and monthly number is over 21000. The pages of the site are accessed about 140.000 times every month. The CleanNow participates at all Russia's exibitions devoted to cleaning and related topics.

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1. 200*109 pixels banner on all pages - 300 euro monthly
2. 200*400 pixels banner on all pages - 500 euro monthly
3. News allocation - free

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    The oldest online portal cleaning industry "Cleannow - World Professional Cleaning" - for many years actively working to maximize communication and connection between cleaning companies, suppliers, customers, discuss and find the truth in matters of quality cleaning and business methods. Thanks placed in the appropriate sections ratings, reviews, catalogs of goods and services, a forum to discuss pressing issues, the portal helps achieve maximum efficiency in finding the necessary information. If coverage of the printed magazine or newspaper circulation is considered, the internet sites are measured unique daily / monthly / yearly attendance. This year, the portal in September 2014 broke the record - 1,600 unique visitors per day, which is 2-2.5 times higher attendance popular European Journal of cleaning services - European Cleaning Journal (according to alexa.com). At the same time, interestingly, returning to the efficiency with such attendance, ad unit, located on the portal, has the lowest price for maximum audience coverage

Uber CleanNow

CleanNow ist das grobte Internetportal (Website), um Information und Unterstutzungsabfragen bei der Reinigung in Russland und der Ex-UDSSR (SNG) zu liefern. Das Portal enthalt Information uber mehr als 300 Reinigungsgesellschaften. Es stellt die Moglichkeit zur Wahl eine Reinigungsgesellschaft automatisch gema? gegebenen Rahmen zur Verfugung. Auch tagliche Nachrichten auf dem Thema und der Analyse des Reinigungsdienstleistungsmarktes sind da. Es gibt Information uber die Ausrustung und Berufschemie verwendet und uber verfugbare Job-Vakanzen. Das Portal hat ein Spezialforum, das es moglich macht, mit collegues und potenziellen Kunden zu kommunizieren. CleanNow bietet breites Spektrum von Internetinformationsdienstleistungen zur Reinigung von Gesellschaften an.

Die tagliche Pfortbesucherzahl zahlt mehr als 800 verschiedene Namen auf, und Monatszahl ist mehr als 14000. Auf die Seiten der Seite wird ungefahr 81000mal jeden Monat zugegriffen. Der CleanNow nimmt am exibitions ganzen Russlands teil, der der Reinigung und den verwandten Themen gewidmet ist.

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1. 200*109 Pixel-Schlagzeile auf allen Seiten - 300 euro monatlich
2. 200*400 Pixel-Schlagzeile auf allen Seiten - 500 euro monatlich
3. Nachrichtenzuteilung - frei

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